Outside noise, generated by aerodynamics and engines varies from aircraft
to aircraft, but is generally substantial — requiring insulating materials
of very high acoustic efficiency to provide desirable levels of comfort and verbal
communication for passengers and crew.

Highly efficient acoustic attenuator materials include mass-loaded flexible barriers
and non-woven absorbers, used separately or together, depending where they are
applied in the aircraft. Our Durasonic SC series are widely used attenuators designed
to function as barrier curtain or partition … or as composite barrier/absorber.
Most offer flame resistance as well.

Decoupling sound technology interrupts sound waves more effectively with
new attenuator designs — typically consisting of two barriers with a non-woven absorber
in between the barriers.

Diagram showing path of sound waves through material layers


As shown in the diagram above, the barrier on the sound incident side of the composite
reflects a portion of the sound. The non-woven material in the middle absorbs some of the sound not reflected by the first barrier. Then the second barrier reflects transmitted sound not completely absorbed by the middle layer — allowing only a low level of transmitted sound to move on.

Decoupling materials deliver improved STL at the same weight as conventional single layer
mass-loaded fabrics —or often, less weight and space.


Chart showing the typical sound transmission loss of decoupled composite vs. conventional barrier

Duracote’s new Sonic is the latest sound control technology — now available
on a custom design basis — for aircraft VIP completion/refit centers and MROs and their Tier-1 suppliers.

Our sound decoupling designs use a variety of barriers and absorbers — to develop composites
that meet desired sound transmission loss targets in different aircraft.

Key factors in Duracote custom designs include materials selection … weight positioning of
the different materials … and total thickness of the composites.

Decoupling solutions can also utilize a composite barrier & absorber that mates with a cabin wall or other existing barrier. (SEE SONIC PRODUCTS)

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