Proven Aircraft Interior Materials For Commercial, Regional and General Aviation

Duracote is a leading innovator in the field of aircraft interior materials. We have designed a variety of proprietary materials in order to provide a wide range of material solutions to our increasingly diverse range of clients. Many of the materials we develop provide both fire safety and noise reduction from one lightweight material solution. Our proprietary material solutions, such as Durasonic, Duratrim and Durug are found in aircraft across the world. Duracote is a FAA and Boeing approved radiant panel laboratory – FAR 25.853(a) and FAR 25.856(a).

Our Materials Are Used In aircraft interiors for their end-use performance, appearance, fabrication, and ease of installation. Click below to browse PDF DOCUMENTS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD:

Color samples of Duratrim FR materials

Duratrim FR is a series of fire safety products including fire barriers, retardants and materials that block thermal transfer. The Duratrim series is used in aircraft interiors for its end-use performance, appearance, fabrication and ease of installation.

Color samples of Durasonic Aero materials in shades of gray

Durasonic Aero is a line of mass-loaded reinforced sound barriers that combine both acoustic and flame resistant performance. Look no further for a noise control material with aviation insulation applications capable of the high-temperature flame resistance demanded by today’s safety standards and regulations.

Interior of an airplane with tan wood like non-textile flooring near exitNexflor Non-Textile Aviation Flooring is a new generation of coverings developed for high wear service areas including entryways, galleys, and lavatories. Providing longer wear, non-slip, anti-static and fire safety performance from one innovative material, Nexflor is the ideal aviation flooring material on today’s market.

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Duracote Global Customers

  • + Aerolineas Argentinas Sa
  • + Aerospheres Uk Ltd
  • + Air New Zealand
  • + Allied Int’l
  • + Asia Pacific Aerospace
  • + Barksdale Air Force Base
  • + Custom Aircraft Interiors
  • + Eads Deutschland Gmbh
  • + Draco
  • + Gianuzzi Aerospace
  • + Hill Afb
  • + Akrofire
  • + Lufthansa Technik
  • + Naval Research Laboratory
  • + New Zealand Defense Force
  • + Pelzer Acoustic Products
  • + Perrone Aerospace
  • + Polymer Technologies
  • + Remington Express
  • + San Antonio Lighthouse
  • + Skandia
  • + Tinker Airforce Base
  • + United Airlines
  • + The Boeing Company
  • + Diehl Air Cabin
  • + Kuwait Airways
  • + Korean Air
  • + Lockheed Martin
  • + Nakano Aviation
  • + Orcon Aerospace
  • + Vaupell
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At Duracote, we offer high-performance aircraft insulation, fire safety and noise-reducing materials. As a leading market innovator, our versatile aircraft materials can be found in airplanes around the world. Looking for a unique solution? We also offer custom airplane interior products. From regulations and testing for aircraft insulation material to special considerations for choosing airplane interior materials, our information center has various resources to help in your purchase decision. Have a question or need additional information about our selection of high-performing materials? Contact us today.